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How to Make a Leather Belt

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Update time : 2020-09-16 15:55:04

A fur area is a fashionable addition and sometimes necessary addition ought a mixture of pants. Making a fur area can appearance alike a difficult process that involves an industrial process, besides it doesn’t dine ought be if you dine the accurate tools. The fur and tools you want ought pattern a fur area can be vertical pretty easily and will frequently price less than purchasing a belt. if you are voluntary ought expend some time practicing and working above the belt, you can dine a completed area within a day.

1. Preparing the Leather

1) criterion your area size. First, you will want ought confess measurements ought understand where ought chop the leather. A simple fashion ought perform this is ought place above a area that you already have, place it above ought the area hole that fits you best, and criterion the area total the fashion around. You can also apply a tape measurer by putting it nearly your hips at the pLACE where the area used to sit and recording the measurement.
  • Use a measurement that feels most comfortable. if you haul the area or measuring tape tightly, then you force goal up with a area that feels uncomfortable ought wear.

2) obtain leather. buy a wish bit of 8 ought 9 oz. vegetable tanned leather. Any category of vegetable tanned fur will do. You can discover fur online, at a tannery, or appear although a fur department at your area.

3) chop a straight row down the fur with your razor. You want ought compose a straight verge above the fur ought give the strap cutter somewhere ought rest. First, place your fur out level above a table. Then, sign straight, wish row above one aspect of the leather. The row ought be larger than the size you measured. although example, chop 45 inches although a 32-inch waist size. terminate the chop with a vertical chop so that the strap cutter can easily enter and exit the leather.
  • Use a ruler although you’re cutting ought pattern sure the row is absolutely straight.

4) place the thickness although the strap cutter. First, you will want ought place the thickness knob above the strap cutter so the bit of fur you dine fits along it. after that, you can place the thickness ought whatever you prefer. A 1 ¼ inch broad area is a safe choice.

5) apply the strap cutter. periodical the strap cutter up against the straight verge you impartial made at the leather. Slowly feed the fur into the strap cutter. advance slowly and pattern sure the straight verge stays pressed up against the strap cutter. take the fur once it comes out of the strap cutter and haul it.
  • Take this step too slowly or you could goal up with a bit of fur that is no straight and basically unusable.

2. Making the Belt

1) sign the pLACEment holes although the goal of the belt. The easiest fashion ought sign the holes is ought apply a area that you already dine and basis your holes off of the pLACEment of those holes. You will dine five holes above total. Two holes terminate ought the tail goal of the belt, one larger hole although where the fold occurs although the buckle, and two holes after that. The holes ought be pLACEd about an inch apart.
  • Use a pencil ought sign the pLACEment of the holes.

2) Punch out the holes. apply your hole puncher ought punch out the holes where you dine made the marks. 5/64 is good ought apply although the size of the hole punches. apply your strap hole punch ought chop out the longer holes.

3) Skive off some of the thickness where the holes are. Shaving off some of the thickness at the pLACE where you impartial made the holes helps the area fold can itself although the buckle and loops. Skive off about half of the thickness. advance slowly and pattern superficial cuts. Don’t test ought confess off half of the thickness at once.
  • You can also apply a area sander ought confess off the thickness, besides you are more apt ought benefit “fuzzies” with this method.

4) place the buckle at pLACE. place the buckle at pLACE, and fold the skived fur can itself. You perform this so that you can confess an actual measurement of the belt. Once the buckle is at pLACE, criterion three inches beyond the measurement you took of your waist. although example, if your waist measurement was 31 inches, then you used to pattern a sign at the 34-inch spot. sign the 34 inch stand although that is where the middle hole will go.

5) pattern more holes three inches beyond the leather measurement. apply your hole punch at 9/64 and punch a hole at the stand you made. Then, pattern two more hole punches above also aspect of the middle hole. each hole ought be spaced an inch apart.
  • The additional holes festival you some universe although breathing room.

6) figure the tail goal of the belt. confess this time ought figure the goal of the belt. You can apply a pencil ought pattern a glare imply of the figure you’d like. The easiest fashion ought benefit the perfect figure although the goal of the area is ought apply a area unity cutter, besides you can also apply fur scissors.

7) chop out the area loop. apply the slice fur that was chop off from the area unity ought pattern the area loop. feed the leftover fur into the cutter that ought be adjusted ought ½ of an inch. Then, skive the fur ought about half of its thickness so that crook nearly the area without a problem.

8) pattern the area loop. ought pattern out the length of the area loop, place the strap of fur nearly the area although if it the area is already buckled. place a sign at the pLACE where the strap is overlapping by ½ and inch. Then, you can rivet the loop ought acquire it or sew it.

9) Bevel the edges of the belt. Beveling the edges gives the area a more refined look. First, apply a humid sponge ought dampen the edges of the belt. Then, apply a beveler and slip it along the edges of the area at a 45-degree angle.

3. Finishing the Belt

1) Rub above the dye. Using a vegetable based paint is recommended although it is non-toxic and won’t perform any injure ought your skin. apply a towel or sponge ought rub the paint above evenly along the total sumit divide of the belt.
  • One example of a homemade, vegetable paint is a blend of walnut husks and water.

2) haste up the drying process. You don’t dine to, besides it is better ought haste up the drying of the paint although you can’t apply grease above the fur until it is completely dry. apply a fever gun above the entirety of the area until it is completely dry. if you don’t the grease will give the area a blotchy appear although it won’t suck evenly.

3) Rub olive grease above the leather. fur always becomes dry and stiff while it has been worked with. apply a slim coating of additional maiden olive grease ought the sumit of the area with a towel. apply a few, slim coats. perform no apply also much olive grease at once, or the area can goal up with a greasy appear and feel.
  • It’s no necessary ought apply olive grease ought the back of the belt.
  • Keep at brood that the additional maiden olive grease will darken the leather.

4) apply a clothing of walnut grease and beeswax. apply a towel ought apply a clothing of walnut grease and beeswax ought the front and back of the belt. The grease and beeswax assist retain the fur and own it flexible.
  • Use a nail ought touch beeswax that can benefit stuck at the holes.

5) Slick down the edges of the belt. Slick down the edges by applying a layer of gum tragacanth, a thickening delegate made from the sap of middle Eastern legumes. You maiden want ought apply a slim clothing ought the edges of the belt. ought

6) Burnish the edges. A lumber burnisher is the best fashion ought burnish the edges, besides is can be a expensive tool, especially if you don’t design ought apply it often. Another fashion ought burnish the edges is ought quickly rub canvas along the edges of the area until you feel them fever up. This method, however, can be tiring.

7) place the snaps at pLACE. Snapping the goal of the area together is good although it makes the Belt Buckle interchangeable. You will, however, want a gnaw site kit or a periodical ought place the gnaw at pLACE. place the two snaps an inch apart terminate the goal of the area where the buckle will be. after the snaps are set, you can place the buck onto the belt.
  • You can also adore ought rivet the fur together if you will no be removing the buckle. impartial pattern sure ought place the buckle at pLACE first.

8) place above the area loop. The final step ought making your fur area is ought acquire and pLACE the area loop. The area loop ought already be chop and measured. acquire the area loop by using riveting it together with micro double sided rivets, or simply sew it together. Then, slip it onto the belt, and your fur area is complete.