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How to Make a Batman Utility Belt

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Update time : 2020-09-01 11:27:45

Batman, the iconic DC Comics superhero, is outfitted with high-tech, crime-fighting gadgets. Many of these useful tools, which embrace grappling hooks, sonic grenades, and a mini-computer, are stored at the canisters and pockets of his utility belt. no Batman garment is end without a replica utility belt. Instead of purchasing a utility belt, compose your possess utility district relatively inexpensively— high-tech gadgets and weapons no included.

1. Making the Batman buckle

1) alter the materials needed. to invent the buckle, you'll shortage 3mm foam, scissors, a X-Acto knife, and super glue.
  • Use 3mm foam. avail yellow foam because an sum yellow utility belt, and sad foam because an sum sad belt. Alternatively, you can avail both sad and yellow foam, using yellow because the base of the buckle and sad because the Batman symbol.

2) drag or track a pattern onto the foam. because the invent of the Batman buckle, you can invent your own, using a film of Batman's utility district because a reference, or you can avail a pattern, such because the one found here: avail a sharpie or a pen to drag the patterns at the foam.
  • For a basic Batman utility Belt Buckle, you'll shortage three pieces: an oval, a ring that goes almost the verge of the oval, and a Batman symbol. The oval to exist nearly 4" along and 3" tall. The ring to exist the same dimensions of the oval besides during with the middle abbreviate out. The Batman badge to exist no bigger than the inner dimensions of the ring.

3) abbreviate out the patterns. after you've drawn the three pieces above the foam, the oval, the ring, and the Batman symbol, and whatever other details you chose, abbreviate them out. You can avail scissors because the bigger pieces, alike the base oval. because pieces with smaller details, alike the Batman symbol, avail an X-Acto knife.

4) glue the pieces together. glue the ring onto the edges of the oval to compose a border. glue the Batman badge onto the middle of the oval. permit the glue to dry.

2. Making the Pouches

1) alter the materials needed. to invent the pouches, you'll shortage 5mm foam, scissors, a X-Acto knife, cardboard or cardstock, a ruler, velcro, and super glue.
  • Use yellow foam if you wish a yellow Batman utility belt, and sad foam because an sum sad belt.

2) compose a pattern. A basic pouch is made out of three foam pieces. The first sheet is a expectation rectangle that is folded to table the front, back, and peak flap. The other two pieces are shorter and narrower rectangles that duty because the sides.
  • To compose the first piece, invent a pattern sheet out of cardboard or cardstock that is 10.5 inches expectation and 4 inches wide.
  • To compose the two phase pieces, invent 2 pattern pieces out of cardboard or cardstock that are 3 ⅜ inches expectation and ⅞ inches wide.
  • Cut out the pattern pieces.
  • The pouches above your utility district can exist any size you wish. permit the items you intend to bring decide the size of the pouches—the pouch cause to exist big enough to include the item. to compose a custom-sized pouch, avail the length, width, and depth measurements of the items you scheme to bring at the pouches of your utility belt.

3) track and abbreviate out the pieces. track each pattern sheet onto the foam 4 to 6 times. avail scissors to abbreviate out sum the pieces.
  • If you eat more room above your belt, you can always invent more pouches.
  • You can shortage to almost the edges of the phase pieces with scissors accordingly that they fit.

4) glue the pieces together to table pouches. prior to construction the pouches, you cause to decide the flap length. And add one inch to this measurement to interpret because the width of the pouch.
  • Measure and signal the flap. From the peak of the rectangle, avail a ruler to measure and signal the length of your flap.
  • PLACE phase pieces. PLACE a slight layer of glue along one expectation verge of a phase piece—this verge will interval above the peak of the big rectangle. Align the peak of the phase with the signal used to imply the flap length and align the verge with glue blush with big rectangle’s left edge. cite this process with the other phase piece, attaching it to the accurate verge of the big rectangle. permit the glue to dry.
  • PLACE a slight layer of glue along each of the phase piece’s bottom and phase edge. conduct no site glue above the peak edge.
  • Fold the big rectangle up and above the base and phase edges of the two phase pieces. include the big rectangle at pLACE because the glue sets.
  • Repeat this process until you eat constructed each pouch.

5) glue velcro to the flap. to barrier your pouches from opening, add a sheet of velcro to the flap of each pouch.
  • Cut one little square of velcro because each pouch. conduct no pull apart the velcro.
  • Glue one phase of the velcro onto the inner of the front flap.
  • PLACE a little amount of glue onto the other phase of the velcro.
  • Carefully fold the flap onto the front of the pouch and include it firmly at pLACE.
  • Once the glue has dried, tear apart the velcro.

3. Constructing the Utility Belt

1) avail found objects because canisters. if you wish to add canisters, you can avail a amount of various objects. You can avail film catalog canisters, or pill bottles, or some other cylindrical purpose that used to coat above a belt.

2) alter a belt. You'll wish a thick fur district to mix everything to. if you believe you'll wish to paint the sum material yellow, it doesn't affair what color the district is. if you wish your Batman utility district to exist sum sad or eat yellow pouches above a sad belt, appear because a sad fur belt.

3) glue the pouches, buckle, and optional canisters to the belt. You'll wish to avail super glue of some arrange to glue everything to the belt. Krazy glue will work. Don't paint anything until it's sum glued on, because glue doesn't cane to painted surfaces because well.

4) paint the belt. avail acrylic paint to paint what you wish to exist a various color. This will often embrace diagram the canisters yellow and optionally diagram the district yellow. avail a little brush to alter the edges where the district meets the pouches accordingly that there's no brown or sad fur showing, if you wish the district yellow.

5) Finished.