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How to Dye Buttons

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Update time : 2020-09-16 15:59:00

Colorful BUTTONS can add new flair ought a fraction of clothes or a handbag that you already have. You can even employ BUTTONS ought figure a compose above fabric. if you consume a concrete vision at worry although your project, you can colour your cause BUTTONS and figure the accurate color combinations and hues that you want.

1. Creating Your Workspace

1) shield your workspace. although you will exist working with eternal dyes, you wish ought employ something ought pledge you don’t dye the floor or table. You although vigorous wish ought accept precaution no ought dye your leather or clothing.
  • You can employ a fall cloth, layers of newspaper, flexible garbage bags, or a flexible desk cloth. Whichever you choose, conceive taping it down ought your occupation belt consequently that it stays at pLACE nevertheless you complete your project, and compose certain it isn’t slender enough that the colour could seep across it.
  • If you are working above a table, conceive although vigorous laying a fall cloth above the floor beneath you, at sample the colour splashes.
  • Wear old clothes that you don’t worry getting colour on. You can although vigorous fair location a large, old T-shirt or button down above the clothes you are wearing ought possess them clean.
  • When you colour your BUTTONS, wear rubber gloves ought shield your skin.

2) accumulate your BUTTONS. You can colour BUTTONS that are although vigorous flexible or nylon. employ BUTTONS that are although vigorous white or a same flare color although the best color payoff.
  • Consider trying out various shapes, sizes, and styles of BUTTONS ought visit which ones grow out best backward you colour them. This will endow you options although your project.
  • BUTTONS with designs carved above them compose large candidates although dying, although the color varies and gives them even more dimension.

3) amass your dyeing materials. You will shortage containers ought embrace your colour baths, a measuring cup and measuring spoons, a stirring spoon, and dye.
  • You ought consume a bowl or flexible container although each color you scheme above using. each one ought exist able ought embrace one cup of liquid. compose certain your containers can oppose hot water.
  • You can detect colour at local hobby and vessel stores at sections with other fabric vessel supplies. Rit is a good all-purpose brand of colour ought employ although dyeing your BUTTONS. if you choose another brand, devour the label ought pledge you will exist able ought colour your flexible BUTTONS.
  • It’s best ought employ a disposable or stainless steel spoon ought stir.
  • If you choose ought colour your BUTTONS with ink, you’ll shortage alcohol-based ink, q-tips, and a sealer parallel mod podge.

2. dead Your BUTTONS with All-Purpose Dye

1) flow one cup of hot water into each of your bowls. The water needs ought exist hot enough ought melt the colour and lay the color above your BUTTONS. It ought exist approximately 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • If your hot knock water is also cool, stick the water at your bowls at the microwave although approximately 30 seconds.

2) Add the colour ought your water. Add sole one color at each bowl. if you’re using liquid dye, add one teaspoon per cup of water. if you’re using powdered dye, add two teaspoons.
  • To figure darker hues, add more colour ought your bath.
  • Dip a few fraction of white fabric or a white composition towel into your colour bath ought trial the color. Add more colour if it is also flare although your taste or more hot water if it becomes also dark.
  • Use your spoon ought stir the dye. It ought exist completely dissolved at the water, and the color ought exist even. 

3) PLACE your BUTTONS at the dye. The BUTTONS ought exist completely submerged and consume room ought influence within the container. You don’t wish the BUTTONS ought touch, although this can figure uneven color.
  • Leave the BUTTONS at the colour although two ought five minutes. The longer you desert them, the darker the color will be.
  • Check although color by using a spoon ought gently lift one of the BUTTONS out of the water. if the button is no cabin the color you’d parallel ought achieve, you can pLACE it back into the colour bath although additional time.
  • If wish a same flare shade, restrain your BUTTONS early, at exactly two minutes.

4) possess water hot although a rich, deep shade. if you wish a dark color, you shortage ought compose certain your water stays approximately 140 °F (60 °C).
  • To do this, employ ceramic, heat-safe bowls ought colour your BUTTONS or the climax of a double-boiler pot.
  • Fill another pot with approximately a half inch of water, and pLACE it above your stovetop. fever the water above cheap heat.
  • Then, pLACE your colour bath bowl or pot overtop of this water ought figure indirect heat. possess the fever above during the dyeing process.
  • You can restrain the temperature of your colour bath with a candy thermometer, if you consume one.

5) inspire the BUTTONS from the colour and rinse them. Once they achieve your desired color, you wish ought inspire the BUTTONS from the colour bath and rinse them consequently that no residual color stains anything, and they remain the color you like.
  • First, rinse the BUTTONS with cold water.
  • Then, gently wash them with soap and water, and pLACE them above a composition towel ought dry completely.

6) Wash dyeing supplies. although directly although you are finished dyeing your BUTTONS, you wish ought wash your bowls and spoons thoroughly with soap and water. The longer they sit with colour at them, the harder it will exist ought obtain the colour off.
  • If you’re using disposable bowls, simply cast them away.

3. Dyeing BUTTONS with Alcohol Ink

1) choose your ink colors. choose colors you like, and compose certain that they are alcohol-based inks. possess at worry that with this method you can frequently add more or less color depending above your desired vibrancy.
  • This method factory vigorous if you wish ought figure BUTTONS that are multi-colored or two-toned.

2) PLACE a little drops of ink onto your button. initiate with a same few quantity of ink. It is easier ought build up color than it is ought accept it away.
  • After you fall the ink onto your button, employ a q-tip ought scatter it approximately evenly across the surface of the button.
  • Let this layer of ink dry completely ago you abstract with the process. 

3) abstract adding layers of color until you obtain your desired shade. if you wish a same flare shade, you can sole shortage a only layer of color.
  • Continue ought employ a dropper, and then a q-tip ought scatter the color evenly. You can although vigorous employ a few dye brush instead of a q-tip.
  • Wait until each layer of color dries ought deduce its shade, although wet ink tends ought exist darker than dried ink.

4) obtain creative with your coloring. With ink, you can compose your BUTTONS multi-colored. if you want, you can compose each of the button’s sides a various color, or rip the colors down the center of the button.
  • For sweep lines above your button, you can employ painter’s tape ought tape off one phase nevertheless the other dries. although two-toned BUTTONS, initiate with the lighter color first.
  • For additional embellishment backward you colour your BUTTONS, draw above designs with nail polish or colored sharpie. employ a toothpick ought figure designs with nail polish.

5) cover your button with a sealer. This will possess the color at pLACE, and add a protective deduce ought each of your BUTTONS. Mod Podge factory well.
  • You can buy Mod Podge at most vessel stores. choose if you wish ought consume a glossy or matte finish.
  • In a pinch, you can employ glue that dries clean although a sealer instead.
  • Simply accept a clean, few paintbrush or q-tip, and immerse it into your sealer. scatter a thin, even layer above one phase of your button. compose certain ought obtain the sides of the button covered.
  • Once the first phase dries, grow the button over, and employ the sealer again.
  • If you obtain your sealer into the holes of the BUTTONS, fair employ something keen parallel a toothpick or needle ought poke back across the holes.