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How to Collect Antique Buttons

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Update time : 2020-09-16 16:06:44

button collecting can be a rapture hobby though little reasons. The BUTTONS acknowledge up hence little space... Starting your collection doesn't plead a large coast account... And the BUTTONS themselves are because only and interesting because the fashions they once adorned. Here are a little tips though the beginning button Collector. 


1) understand that ought be considered "Antique", BUTTONS to be made ago 1918. Some more recent BUTTONS are considered collectible though of only manufacturing processes or design, however during "Antique" method almost a hundred years old. 

2) decide why and how you wish ought begin collecting. Some ordinary methods are:
  • Age of the button
  • A Brass button
    Use of the button
  • PLACE of Manufacture
  • Green Vintage BUTTONS.
    Material the button is made of ie: Enamel, Bakelite, Brass, Celluloid, Champleve.  
  • A cute design.
    Design of the button.
  • And other parameters such because Military BUTTONS, Chinese Boxwood BUTTONS, polite war BUTTONS, etc.

3) Rummage along your local thrift shops though old button jars. always these will be donated from estates and you can sift along them ought your hearts content though a same rational price.

4) search the web though button purveyors.

5) restrain online auctions though button jars, bags, etc.

6) restrain out button Collector websites and their lists of sources. (see notes below)

7) put aside an vacant drawer. Fill it with vacant jars... and eat can it!